Having found myself returning to the Institute of Simulation and Training, I was in a perfect position to give back to the Digital Media community. Partnering with UCF, students are able to reach their goals of becoming a 3D artist. It's a great chance to collaborate with professionals in the workplace. Mentoring students allowed me to learn more about myself and grow as a professional. There's nothing more rewarding than helping a person get on track to success.


Since a kid I have felt the need to create. Taking raw materials and transforming them into something captivating is an art form. Artists have the ability to see the world in a unique perspective. We take that vision and develop it into something others can enjoy. Now add a computer to the mix, and art is able to expand in new directions. I've put my focus into creating environments, characters, and animation... art that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


Looking for an outlet to inject my eye for detail, I have turned turned passion into function. Once again transforming raw materials into a tool one can use. Similar to dancers, surfers are individuals who feel the need to express themselves through movement. I hope to soon incorporate avenues of additive manufacturing to improve a shaper's workflow. Complimenting traditional manufacturing practices with 3D printing should help to bring innovation to the industry.

Gaming and Simulation

Orange County Fire and Rescue Department

Museum of Discovery Science - A Water's Journey

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010