Below is just a brief summary of my work on previous projects as well as some personal art.

Crash Cart

Engineering and Computer Simulations

Crash Cart's goal is to train Rapid Response Team (RRT) members to efficiently locate medical supplies and equipment in a "crash cart." By playing this game, RRT members can reduce wasted time and increase their ability to provide better care.


Everglades: A Waters Journey

at the Museum of Discovery Science

Waters Journey through the Everglades explores a time, both past and present, in Florida where museum learners explore the effects humans have on their surroundings. This project uses augmented reality as well as traditional kiosk games to educate its users.

OCFRD incident Commander trainer

Incident Commander improves a trainee to make the correct decisions in dynamic situations. Based in Unity, players perform in a variety of environments such as single family homes, supermarkets, and apartment buildings.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

at EA Sports Tiburon

I play golf and personally played this video game before working on it. My contributions include cleaning up outsourced work and making items for the pro shop. In addition to making props, I also populated the golf courses and environments.

Personal Work